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 Classifying Free Email Template Builders

email template builders

In the last few years a lot of free to use email builders have been published on the web! This is a great news because creating a responsive email that works fine on most email clients is a real PITA.

Here we try to define a basic classification for email template builders, for their Business model and for their Architectural choices.

Business Model

When you use a free tool it may help to understand what’s the plan to monetize it:

  • some tools are offered for free as a channel to promote other services, usually an ESP service: FreeEmailEditor and BeeFree belongs to this category

  • some other tools are provided for free with the hope you will buy commercial templates: Stamplia and MailSalad do this

  • some other tools are free as in freemium, so a free version exists to let people know the commercial version: Responsizer, BeeFree, EdmDesigner and partly Mosaico belongs to this group

Being the only opensource product, Mosaico has a special position in this categorization: of course we hope to make some money by providing Commercial Support for Mosaico but we mainly opensourced it with the hope to create a community around it.

You will also find plenty of proprietary Email Editors built-in in the platform of most email marketing firms like Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor, BenchmarkEmail and many more.

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