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 The First Open Source Email Template Builder: a choice for better Email Marketing


After more than an year of research and development of Mosaico our Email Editor, we decided, this september, to let it out as Open Source project on gitHub.

Mosaico OpenSourceThis decision was made after thinking a while, some dozen hours of meeting and an undeterminated number of coffee cups (espresso, please).

Mosaico is born to be the standard responsive editor of the italian indipendent ESP VOXmail. Developing it was an hard work, trying to keep the UX as smooth as possible and maintain a certain level of flexibility.

Mosaico is a Template-Driven Email Builder

The features and the complexity of the editor (and the flexibility given to the user) are based on the template itself and not hardcoded in the editor interface. This means that potentially anyone could convert his template in order to work with Mosaico.

As we said before it was an hard work. In these years, after the innovation started by Mailchimp, every big or small ESP introduced its own editor. We think there is no more time to reinvent the wheel, so we took the decision to release MOSAICO as an open source project on gitHub: Mosaico is a complete and stable javascript library, you can download it, use it, implement in your software and so on.

Of course, give us some feedback!

The Mosaico Crew

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