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GPL vs Commercial

GPL Commercial
Updates Github releases Early access to new features
Support Github issues Direct priority email support
IP Indemnification None Full IP indemnification
3rd-party libraries integration Limited to GPL-compatible libraries Freely integrate proprietary/commercial libraries and permissive opensource libraries (LGPL, MIT, BSD, Apache, ...)
Integrate custom code GPL virality force you to release your own code under the GPL terms, too Full freedom with no need to opensource your code or share it with us
Custom development Not available We can quote custom extensions and modifications to the library
Features Currently share the same features We expect to introduce commercial-only features soon


Open code

Mosaico Commercial is licensed to you with full source code access.
You are allowed to read, improve or customize the code we license to you.

Other closed source solutions lock you to what the author/supplier want you to do, and with the timing and prices imposed unilaterally.


You host Mosaico library on your own server and will run in your end-users browsers.

The backend services needed by Mosaico are minimal and under your control and you can easily share the "image gallery" between Mosaico and your legacy (or alternative) email editing tool.

Perpetual license

You get a perpetual license with a one-off payment, including upgrades and support for 3 to 12 months (depending on the package).

You can choose either to buy further licenses or keep using your original license for free.

Template based

We provide you with a best in class general purpose master template and you can tweak it to your needs.

You can add new blocks, add or remove customization of a given style or even write your own template from scratch, without looking at Mosaico sources.

The "what if's" of unexpected or unpredictable events.

Network Failures

You host Mosaico library on your own servers, the same servers already running your service, so you don't add a new POF (point of failure).

When you integrate external services hosted on different hardware/networks you "accept" that sometimes the the service could not be available, even with a 99.99% SLA, you can't prevent routing issues from happening around the world.

Business shutdown

You should always prepare for the worse. What if your product, in order to work, relies on features hosted by a Vendor whose business fails?

With Mosaico you are on firm ground, but what if you used an hosted email builder? You will have to migrate all of your contents to a new platform in a very short time frame, and your users will probably not be happy.

Price Increment

With Mosaico there are no recurring fees, so you are not forced to accept new prices: you know what you paid for and you can use it forever.

You can see there are hundreds of developers out there that already forked Mosaico opensource and know how to put their hands in the library, so you can find new partners without destabilizing your end-users with a whole new product.

Stale Product

We are motivated to improve Mosaico in the long term: with no "recurring fees" we can't expect big earnings if we don't keep up creating new value.

If you choose an hosted/closed source product then you can either stay or leave to a different product. With Mosaico you have the option to evolve the product on your own, or find another partner to evolve it to your needs.


MAU - Monthly Active Users:
the pricing is based on the maximum number of end-users actively using Mosaico - by executing the library in their browser - for each calendar month.

To make it simpler, if you have multiple users sharing the same storage for emails and images and having the same permissions over that storage end-point, then you can count them as a single user.

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MAU Limit Support & Updates Price
50 users 3 months 800 € + VAT
200 users 1 year 2.400 € + VAT
500 users 1 year 4.000 € + VAT
2.000 users 1 year 8.000 € + VAT
5.000 users 1 year 15.000 € + VAT

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