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 Outlook images: vspace, hspace, align madness

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Once again Outlook seems to be a nightmare for all email coders. In the process of design and coding the Versafix template used in Mosaico, we faced many strange and subtle issues in the way browsers and clients render the final results. One of the worst issues at first seemed just a little glimpse in the way Outlook manage the Social Icons block. In order to let the user specify the number and the type of icons, we just manage them as simple inline IMGs, specifing an hspace properties (since we know that Outlook does not render css margin)

<img hspace="10" src="facebook.png">
<img hspace="10" src="linkedin.png">

It turned out that this solution mostly works, but Outlook 2007/10/13 do not show the “hspace”. Obviously trying to add padding/margin via CSS has no results, since Outlook merely ignore them.

Keeping testing, we found that adding align=”left” to the images made Outlook to start evaluating the hspace, but for some reason it decide to “collapse” two adjacent hspace in one, so that while other clients space icons by 20px, Outlook will show 10 pixels only.

This Outlook 2007/2010 “half spacing issue” can be fixed by doubling the HSPACE value and declaring the real spacing using margin style=”Margin-left: spacing; Margin-right: spacing”, so other clients and webmail could arrange icons correctly.

But this is not enough: IE<=7 combines css margins with hspace values, so we added some

style="*margin-left: spacing; *margin-right: spacing"

The star-hack target IE7 and older browsers and so fixes the double spacing issue. The “final” result is:

<img hspace="20" style="Margin-left: 10px; Margin-right: 10px; *margin-left: -10px; *margin-right: -10px" src="facebook.png">
<img hspace="20" style="Margin-left: 10px; Margin-right: 10px; *margin-left: -10px; *margin-right: -10px" src="linkedin.png">

It seems all ok, but turned out that Outlook 2013 still doesn’t work: it doesn’t put any space between our images (while Outlook 2007/2010 works fine).

We tried to fix this by using a table and put each image in a cell: in this way Outlook 2013 correctly apply the spacing but we loose the “multiline wrapping” effect that flows icons on two lines in Gmail mobile, THEN we put the table/tr/td stuff in conditional comments, so Gmail would be happy again…

<!--[if (gte mso 9)]><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td><![endif]-->
   <img align="left" hspace="10" src="facebook.png" border="0"/>
<!--[if (gte mso 9)]></td><td><![endif]-->
   <img align="left" hspace="10" src="linkedin.png" border="0"/>
<!--[if (gte mso 9)]></tr></table><![endif]-->

This finally works great on all clients and webmail, UNLESS you have much icon/images (and in our template may occur) that will not fit in single line even in desktop version: Outlook will render them in one line (it is a single table), breaking the whole email. And then? You can go further and put EVERY image inside a single table (it would be ok), but we thought it would be too much code for some icons, so we start from scratch and add between every image a  

<img align="left" hspace="10" src="facebook.png" border="0"/>&nbsp;
<img align="left" hspace="10" src="linkedin.png" border="0"/>&nbsp;

Note: also this way is not perfect, since you have little control on the final dimension of effective spacing between icons, but we think it’s a lot better than use some kbytes extra codes for just some spacing!

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