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 Full Mosaico-based email template authoring app from the community


A full web application

GoodEnough, a small web agency from Paris, just published a full web application built around Mosaico to let companies easily install a complete environment where multiple users can work on email templates using Mosaico.

The project repository started as a Mosaico fork, but in fact we now see it as an application that depends on Mosaico. We are working with GoodEnough so to let their customization being developed as plugins instead of altering the main code, so it will be easier to keep up with new Mosaico releases.

The App has a very good looking material design and is very easy to use and you can easily appreciate their UX skills!

Deploy to Heroku+AWS in minutes

Yannick and Antoine also published a Deploy to Heroku button to deploy the app to Heroku in minutes. You need an Heroku account, an Amazon AWS account and some Amazon S3 manual configurations to start it, but you will be ready to start your own deployment in the cloud in few steps.

Here you can see their screencast about the App.

Use it!

We are very happy to see the community is embracing our library and developing tools around it, so, if you want your own “standalone” Mosaico editing experience and environment, give a look to the GoodEnough tool!

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